Nightmare on Insidious the 13th (WritingAssignments1517 3.5 Stars)

Movie Review: Nightmare on Insidious the 13th
“It was getting dark as Audrea and 5 sat on the back porch of the cabin overlooking the pristine lake. 5 had been trying to get Audrea to go swimming all day, but for some reason she couldn’t get Audrea near the water, it’s as if she knew something was in there that wasn’t supposed to be…”
First off, this movie is terrifying! It’s about a woman named Audrea, and her small Indian companion 5. They go to a lake house to escape the people chasing 5, but then she starts to have these nightmares, and eventually goes into a coma. The music is like the screeching metal of a car accident the entire time, you never get a break, it keeps you uneasy and tense for the duration. The make-up is one of a kind… When Jason pulls off his hockey mask to reveal that he’s been Chucky this entire time, it blows your mind.  The way the costumes and make-up come together to form this perfect image of terror is mind boggling. I think the scariest part for me is when Audrea has to enter 5’s dreams to rescue her, and finds Freddy waiting in the dream house. It was smart how she managed to escape into the woods, and trick him until she found a chance to kill him. All and all I give this movie 8.5/10 stars, and I’m not just saying that because I made it up myself.
Because we’re doing everything around host characters this week, I decided to get a little creative with this movie review. During our Radio show, Audrea and her host character 5 described their perfect horror movie, and I decided this week to review it! I wanted to set up the story a bit, so I wrote an excerpt from the book (waaaay better than the movie IMHO) to make it feel like a real work, and to give myself a jumping off point. I made a list of all the points and scenario’s Audrea talked about, and then tried to touch on each one of them in some fashion. It actually doesn’t sound like it would be a bad movie. A little reworking of some elements, and it could be a Halloween staple in no time.

If you want to check out Audrea’s perfect scary movie, check out the radio show here (her part starts at 5:30)

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