le listo de bucket… uh… o.

1 – Learn another language – As the title to this post might suggest, I don’t know Spanish.  I have always been interested in learning though.  I think it’s a marketable skill, and the process of learning a language has always fascinated me.  I took a few Spanish classes in high school, but I don’t have a firm enough grasp on the subject to be able to use it.  I’ve always regretted not going farther with it.

2 – Go to Las Vegas – I originally wanted to go to Las Vegas to see Penn & Teller, but I just recently saw them on Broadway, so now it’s all about the poker baby!  Las Vegas has always fascinated me by how different it is from the rest of the U.S.  If I simply wanted to gamble, there are closer places I could go.  It seems so glamorous when it’s depicted in movies, and I want to experience that for myself.

3 – Making 6 figures – One of my life goals is to earn more than $100,000 in a single calendar year.  We all want nice things, but more than that I want the feeling of accomplishment that comes from reaching a goal most people never manage to.  In a lot of ways making 6 figures is like my Mount Everest.

4 – Learning to cook – I’m a strictly microwave man most of the time, but cooking has always fascinated me.  I like to watch food network, and looooove good food, so it’s only natural that I’d want to be able to make it myself.  Sadly, most of my past forays into the kitchen have been mediocre at best.  Hopefully one day I’ll find the time needed to become truly proficient.  Fun fact – I almost went to culinary school in Richmond before I decided to move to Fredericksburg and attend UMW.

5 – Building a motorcycle – Out of everything on this list, I think this is the loftiest of all.  I don’t even have a garage, and I’ve never worked on a car before, but this seems like it would be great fun.  I had a friend who attempted to build a motorcycle a few years ago and failed horribly.  While the result was pretty discouraging, the endeavor itself was very interesting.  Maybe if I ever do it I’ll let him ride it…


I picked this assignment because it seemed like a pretty effortless task, and it was something I actually had thought about doing from time to time.  Life gets so busy you forget to make time for the small things like this list, so it’s nice to take a second and indulge my inner fantasies.

While I was writing it I noticed most of the things on the list were things I’ve attempted in the past (in person or by proxy) unsuccessfully.  It seems a bit ironic that a list meant to facilitate having some interesting experiences in life turned out for me to be a list of past regrets.  I guess that’s one of the purposes of the list though, to make sure you don’t have any regrets left to list.

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