Everything Is Cool (WritingAssignment1648 3 Stars)

Offical HHBA notice:

The Horrible Hosts Bureau of Awesome would like to take this time to officially announce that: Everything is cool.

During an internal meeting held last Monday it was brought into question whether or not everything was, in fact, cool. After conducting a week long investigation, it was determined that everything, thankfully, is cool.

During a mission briefing in the HHBA action command center, HH 5 made the statement, “That’s cool!” To which HH Morlium replied “Is it? I don’t think so…” This led to a four hour conversation during which the hosts tried to figure out exactly what this conversation was about, and thus, what was possibly cool/not cool.

After conceding that no one could remember exactly what it was they were arguing about, they decided to set the scope of the investigation to include everything. Many long nights, late lunches, and missed nap times later the team finally broke their silence earlier this morning in a statement submitted by Spooksy, which was just a napkin with ‘everything’s cool’ scribbled in crayon.

No word yet on the implications of this finding, or whether or not this has any bearing or relevance on anything important. But we’ll continue our non-stop coverage of this napkin until we find out.


I think I’ve decided going forward that the horrible hosts should be a crime fighting action team.  I think the premise is funny, and there’s a lot of fun to be had with the interactions of the different host personalities that we weren’t able to explore with the radio show.  This will give me an excuse to watch the characters grow on the other host’s pages, and also interact with my group more, which we also didn’t get to do much during the project.  It does feel weird to mess with other peoples characters though.  I don’t want to upset anyone by taking too much license with their idea, so with this work I’m just kind of dipping my toe in the water to see how it feels.

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