Week 3… The deadliest of all the summaries.

I really had fun this week.  I felt like my daily creates were pretty spot on (especially Peep Impact), which makes me feel good.  I was super excited that “Why so Deerious?” got featured, which gave me a lot of confidence to go out and swing for the fences this week.

The Vonnegut piece made me consider the arc’s in this week’s reading/viewing, which is something I hadn’t been taking into account previously.  It’s not that I’m not familiar with them, it’s just that they become so repetitive that sometimes I try to ignore them to help me enjoy the story.  It’s a rare thing to see a truly original piece of work in my opinion, so for me I have to forget that I know how things will end so I can enjoy the process of getting there.

This week was pretty busy for me work-wise, so I’ve had to do a fair bit of this class’s work as more of a gut reaction than a well thought piece, but I don’t see this as a necessarily bad thing.  I think it’s good to work on those quick response chops, and I think it’s helpful to get critiqued on that level too.  It helps refine the process on a level that rarely gets looked at by others.  Normally, I get it polished up before I put it out for scrutiny, so I’m at a loss for feed back at that raw stage.  I did get a bit sloppy in a few spots, so there is definitely a trade-off.


You’ve got to believe me!!

You’ve heard of the reaper’s scythe, now let’s talk about his arc

The spooksy man cometh

Oh, I’ll describe my food… IN SOOOOONG (4 star writing)

Screwing around AND being productive (4 star writing)

Peep Impact (Daily Create)

I hope your computer feels better (Daily Create)

Get it? Because they’re crocheted (Daily Create)

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