Week 2 Summary

This week I learned a lot about the basic structure of the class.  What’s expected of me, which mediums to use for which type of posts, and how to tag my work.  I’m still getting used to twitter, but I did get to play with it this week more than I have in the past, and installing tweetdeck has made the process a bit easier.  I’m still uncomfortable with it, and it intimidates me, but I’ll keep at it.

I learned about the origins and history of digital storytelling, as well as about the slender man, which were both interesting.  I spend a lot of time on the internet, and I have a paid something awful account, so I’m familiar with the slender man.  He also still comes up on reddit from time to time.  I hope I was able to add to the class with my suggestions of other horror media.

The daily creates were a bit harder than I expected, especially today’s.  I don’t really do much with photoshop, and I haven’t messed around with other digital picture editing programs before.  I’m worried that my creative attempt to make a real life toast post was too far off the mark for the assignment.  I think I’ll look at some picture editing options over the weekend and see if I can become more familiar with one.

I enjoyed the creative writing I was able to do, and that came to me a bit easier than I expected.  I haven’t done much of it, and I certainly haven’t had any critiqued before, so I’m interested in seeing what others think of my work.  The Rambo coloring book was probably the most fun I had this week though, and I’m glad I could make some folks laugh with that.  I really enjoyed looking at everyone else’s pictures, especially the one where Rambo joined KISS.


A walk in the city (3 star writing assignment)

My bucket list (2 star writing assignment)

A lot on his mind during his big day (3 star writing assignment)

Toastpaste (9/3 daily create)

Why so deerious? (9/1 daily create)

Something big is about to happen, and none of you will like it… (8/31 dailycreate)

They’re coming to get you one ankle at a time, and there’s nothing you can do about it (response to the weekly viewings)

response to the readings

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