The sounds of summar… Y.

Audio Week!  I had a lot of fun this week. I’m familiar with Audacity, I use soundcloud frequently, and I’m musically inclined, I couldn’t really ask to be anymore in my comfort zone.  I think my crowning achievement this week is Spooksy’s Haunted Mansion (AudioAssignments1418).  I think I took a bunch of ordinary sounds and made them into something truly spooky and authentic that I’ll get a lot of mileage out of.  I was already sort of familiar with Foley and theatrical sounds effects, but the reading was still very interesting.  It reminded me of a really good Mythbusters (Season 10 Episode 6) episode where they match up Foley effects to the real sounds.  Very interesting watch if you have Hulu.  I think the assignment I learned the most from was Car Crash On A Rainy Day (AudioAssignments70).  In particular, the hardship I had trying to make the scream fit into my crash that ended up blending so well it just sounded like part of the crash.  It added a great layer of depth to the crash, even though you would never think of a scream as a sound that would come from two object crashing together.  It really expanded the box for me, and caused me to look at more unorthodox sounds for their tones to blend into my sounds.


Kuuu Chee Kuuu Chee Kuuu Chee (Audio Reflection)

Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds (Radio Bumper)

That’s Not How I Would Have Done It (Radio Show Idea)

Sounding Off On Comics (Tales From the Crypt)

Welcome to Wades (AudioAssignments1820, 2.5 Stars)

Car Crash On A Rainy Day (AudioAssignments70, 3.5 Stars)

Spooksy’s Haunted Mansion (AudioAssignments1418, 4 Stars)

An Eventful Day (Daily Create 1351)

The Only Right Answer To A Subjective Question (Daily Create 1355)

In Awe of Their Friends Installing The New Samsung 65″ (Daily Create 1355)

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