The Final Summary

So I finished up all the extra stuff I had to to for the class this week.  The only real work I have left to do is to make a few more comments and maybe update my final project if I get some good feedback.  I didn’t see a whole lot of project posts to comment on, and I went back several pages, so I hope I made enough comments.  I have a busy rest of the week at work, which is why I’m doing this on Tuesday, but maybe I can check in later and update stuff if I find some more to comment on.  I’m pretty happy about my final project, and for all intents and purposes, I consider myself to be done.  I’ve even turned in the assignment on Canvas.  But if I get some super good feedback or think of something really great I may add it and re-submit.  Here’s to hoping I get some great comments from my peers!

The Legend of Spooksy: Part 1 (Final Project)

I made some Comments!

The Student Has Become The Teacher ::Kung Fu Noises:: (Tutorial)

Mocking Up A Newsweek Cover (Tutorial)

Hot To: Multiply Thyself (Tutorial)

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