That which Summizes

I think my paint.NET skills are getting a lot better. I was able to visualize my whole design assignment in my head before even touching to computer.  It took my maybe 20 minutes start to finish, and that includes googling.  I think it honestly looks pretty good to boot.  I got a lot of great ideas for my radio show and other future projects by listening to others shows.  I also got a lot of creative fodder for the future by deciding to make the horrible hosts a super hero team.  All in all, pretty solid week.  Oh, and I bastardized Shakespeare a bit, which is always nice.


A Horrible Evening Of Radio Listening

I Know What’s Going On My Amazon Wishlist (4 Star Design Assignment)

Nightmare on Insidious The 13th (3.5 Star Writing Assignment)

Everything Is Cool (3 Star Writing Assignment)

It Really Does Change The Painting (Daily Create)

Spooksy’s Mansion (Daily Create)

Shakespeare’s: Spaceship (Daily Create)

The Commentening (Comments)

InterViewing The Nightmare (Assignment Create)

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