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Ah, design, I know yee not at all.  Even though I’ve never designed before, I felt pretty good about my work this week.  I think the elements are pretty fundamental and universal, and the concept isn’t hard to grasp.  I’m not really into the nuances of aesthetics, but I get it (I think? I hope?).  Everything Vignilli said I understood, and a lot of things I agree with very strongly, and already practice.  I took some things away from the reading and tried to incorporate them into my assessments and works.  Particularly, simplicity and dead space.  I like to say what I want to say and make my exit.  Like I was saying in an earlier week’s summary about authors like George R. R. Martin and Tolkien, I don’t want my hand held that much, I want to create some of the world in my own head and make it mine.  That’s what I’ve tried to do in everything I’ve created this week: put it out there, and let it breath.  This is my first time using Paint.NET, and I think I’ve gotten it down fairly well for a new user.  I’m still exploring the more advanced functions, but I didn’t feel limited by my skill level in creating any of my work (except the blocks for the DS106 wallpaper).  I did go outside my own perspective for some advice though, and ended up re-doing two of my design assignments.  I kept both versions in the final submissions, and I think they show a lot of progress between what I made and what I refined it in to.  I found that sometimes I forget that people don’t see exactly like I do, and sometimes need a bit more framing to be able to look at something in the light I’m trying to present it.  That’s probably my biggest take away from this week: the balance between being minimal, and still properly conveying the message to people whose perspective differs from my own.


The Vignilli Cannon

The Horror You Never See

Love at First Shot

Paper The Walls!! (4.5 Star Design Assignment)

Bite My Shiny Metal Assignment (4 Star Design Assignment)

I Only Really Need One Panel For This Movie (3.5 Star Design Assignment)

He Actually Looks Pretty Happy Upside Down (Daily Create)

The Only Place That’s Open for Lunch at 10am (Daily Create)

Target Practice (Daily Create)

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