A Very Spookstacular Summary

So apparently I made some things this week people really liked.  Got a few re-tweets and mentions on things, which always makes me feel good.  I stumbled a bit this week as well.  In particular, I did one assignment completely wrong, but it turned out really well, so I dunno whether to call that a win or lose.  I guess I’ll decide when I see my grade.  I played with movie maker more, and some of my classmates had some great helpful comments on how to use it properly, which helped me out a lot.  I recommend the Spooksography, it’s my favorite from this week.



The Purpose Of Life Daily Create

Spooksy Reads Some Hobbit Fan Fiction Daily Create

I Simpsons BoB Rossed Myself Daily Create

The Road To 110 5 Star Video Assignment

Cooking Children With Spooksy 2 Star Video Assignment

Spooksy Goes To The Bathroom 5 Star Video Assignment

Spooksography 4 Star Video Assignment

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