A summary is worth a 1,000 pictures


This week was really tough because I am not a photography guy at all.  That’s part of the reason I took the class though, to challenge myself and try new things in new areas.  You would be hard pressed to say my work this week was anything but rudimentary, but I think I did a good job of finding creative ways of filling in my lack of experience in photography/cinematography with my strong suits to produce overall quality work.

I can say that I’m a lot more comfortable with MS Paint than I was last week, that’s for sure.  Paint is really simple and un-intimidating, but still fairly powerful for what I’m doing.  I think it definitely limited me in my choices for visual assignments, but short of buying and learning a more powerful program, it gets the job done.

In retrospect, I wish I would’ve challenged myself a bit more.  I played it safe for most of these because the material was so far out of my comfort zone, and I regret that.  In particular, I wish I would’ve picked a more exotic location for my photoblitz.  Some of the photos were alright, but I think the assignment would have been much stronger if I’d allotted the time for a run to park for the assignment.  My goal for next week is going to be to push myself to go further out on a limb with the visual stuff, and hope I don’t fall off the branch and hang myself on the way down.


Photoblitz around the house!

Someone’s not as alone as she thinks she is…

Throwing my cinematography hat into “The Ring”

Experienced Photographer Wanted

NewsWeek (3.5 star Visual)

Revenge of the bucket list (4 star Visual)

Penn, Teller, Buildings, and Bagels (2 Star Visual)

Happy Birthday to me!!! (2.5 Star Visual)

Self Help Book (Daily Create)

The last one… (Daily Create)

I call this one “Mike, why do you always have to ruin nice things” (Daily Create)

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