This week’s news from… NewsWeek! (3.5 Stars VisualAssignments737)


I chose this assignment because it’s right in my wheelhouse.  I have to admit, I struggled a bit this week, I’m not a photography or Photoshop guy, but I’m good at writing and being witty and funny.  Stuff like this that I can do in paint and then add value with words is where it’s at for me.  “I googled crazy pictures” and scrolled down the list making up headlines for everything I saw.  I originally skipped this image because I thought the premise was too simple.  I came to the conclusion that a simple premise was probably best for this medium, as some of the other jokes I came up with couldn’t properly breath on just one image.  I still wanted to add some depth though, so I took on the optional task of writing some additional blurbs eluding to other articles.  I wanted to make sure everything tied in, and I wanted to still have the main focus be about my cover story, so I did one blurb that was more to add depth to my simple idea and add a legitimate sort of feel to the obviously satirical cover, and one blurb that kind of punctuates the idea in a joke.

2 thoughts on “This week’s news from… NewsWeek! (3.5 Stars VisualAssignments737)”

  1. I came across your blog via the random post feature (, and decided to poke around due to the look and feel of this place (I too take horror from an unserious perspective). My poking-around did not disappoint.

    Even with inexperience with photoshop, I have found that, at least for provoking an initial reaction, the idea is more important than the a polished execution. Sure, on close inspection I can see the image was edited, but that doesn’t matter because you the vial and fangs communicated the “pets on drugs” idea so effectively.

    If I would make a suggestion, it would actually be for the blurbs. Most news magazine cover blurbs are very short, so while the blurbs punctuate the point, their length means there is not quite the knee-jerk reaction that most front-cover items try to elicit (and which your picture does so well).

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