Spooksy 1 Card (VideoAssignments1844 5 Stars)


Ah, my good friend Spooksy.  I filmed the whole thing sideways, because Spooksy seems a bit lackluster in matters unrelated the feasting of the flesh.  I also made a special trip to the dollar store to design the groundbreaking Spooksy 1 Card.  I was inspired by my Pepsi commercial from the radio show.  I wanted to take something simple and squeeze all the fun out of it (this is basically just an excuse because I’m bad at making/editing videos).  I feel like the whole thing works because it feels like something Spooksy would do, complete with borrowing my laptop and drinking my scotch.  I worked those elements into the video because I wanted a good out without having to go in and do a bunch of graphics and such (I’m pretty new to video editing, and entirely new to windows movie maker, so I don’t know if graphics are even possible in the program).  I have some experience with the Adobe video editing suite, which I did most of my video game play videos on, but I stopped paying for that, so they don’t let me use it anymore…

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