Spooksography (VideoAssignments1847 4 Stars)


The long awaited Spooksography.  I want to keep Spooksy a bit mysterious, so I kept this pretty light.  From the beginning I had in mind a picture of a baby eating himself, because that’s just so Spooksy.  I wanted to touch on some of the parts about Spooksy that I wrote up when I initially created him, but haven’t been able to do much with, so I wanted something in the video about the war he never fought.  A few of the things I wrote about Spooksy haven’t been introduced in any of my other work because they don’t translate well into non-video formats, so it was nice to be able to touch on some of those.  I wanted to show Spooksy, but this came with the challenge that I have no picture of him in my mind, so I just went with the creepiest dude I could find on google images (I searched for fat beared old man).  This was also a good chance to touch on the mansion, which I’ve mentioned a few times, but never been able to visualize.  My initial concept had some crayon drawings Spooksy did as a child, but I ended up cutting them, as I don’t want to give too much away.  Let’s just say, they offered some great character exposition.  I hope they get a chance to show up later.

4 thoughts on “Spooksography (VideoAssignments1847 4 Stars)”

  1. I really got a laugh out of your end credits! And that was not what I had envisioned when I thought of Spooksy.. For some reason, I was thinking he had an ACTUAL mansion, in Hollywood Hills or someplace very extravagant, and just liked to eat children. I definitely liked his war history as well. Great work!

  2. I had a kick out of those credits they were priceless. The backstory was very unexpected but also very refreshing. I had fun watching this and getting to know your host character a little better.

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