Bat Mike (VideoAssignments507 2 Stars)

Bat Dad is hilarious, and vine is the medium of our times, so why not pull from the best?  Bat Dad just has fun with his kids and shares it with the world, and for that he has become a sensation.  The best part is, it’s just so genuine.  Vine is the medium of our times because in today’s world people expect their information bite sized and pungent.  With the information overload offered by the internet, people have very short attention spans, so if you can pull your point off in just a few seconds, it’s much more likely to be received and appreciated.  I tried to use several elements from the readings and watchings this week in my super short 10 second video.  For instance, I’m framed a bit to the right.  It’s a bit off putting to watch a video of a burly bearded man sitting on a commode, so I can use all the positive framing points I can get.  Second, the pan shot of my girlfriend is really the joke.  In the Bat Dad videos, the reactions are what makes them, not the comments themselves.  Having her annoyed by my toilet etiquette is the real gem of the piece.  Yes, I bought a Batman mask specifically for this.

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