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This week was interesting, I got to practice a lot of the things I learned in previous weeks, and I think it went alright.  I don’t really have a favorite piece this week, because nothing really stuck out as stellar.  I guess that’s to be expected when you’re “mashing up” a bunch of new skills to make one project.  I definitely had fun, and I’m not daunted by the work, but there is definitely room for improvement.  Spooksy kind of got in the way this week too, as it was a bit challenging to find places for him in the work.  Honestly, I think my Game of Thrones mashup would have been much better without him, and I felt a bit constrained.  I made it work though, and I think next week I’ll be able to take this weeks knowledge and apply it to better effect.


I’m Really Out Of Ideas For The Title To The Comments Post, The Mashup Edition

Puscifer – The Verde River (Daily Create)

Bridge Over Cthulu Waters (Daily Create)

Is that Your Final Answer? (Create A Daily Create)

Create An Assignment 2: The Second 1

Game Of Spooksy (3.5 Star Mashup)

Star Wars Attacks (3.5 Star Mashup)

Leonidas Is A Jerk (3 Star Mashup)

A Victory For Church And Spooksy (Remix)

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