The horror you never see

I chose the directors cut of Alien as my film.  I like it because there is less than 10 minutes of Alien in the one and a half hour film, but it’s entirely memorable.  From the start you have the opening sequence, which looks like Alien writing or hieroglyphics before it ends up spelling Aliens.  It looks like most of the outside parts are filmed with either blue light or a blue filter, which makes it feel cold and space like.  The set is both intentionally and pragmatically claustrophobic, because it’s a space ship.  You can tell immediately where is safe and where is dangerous, because the safe areas are all white with big bright lights, and the unsafe areas are all poorly lit, with smoke every where, dark walls, and flashing lights.  When the safe areas start to become unsafe as the movie progresses you see their lights start to flicker as well.  The set design in this movie has a peculiar obsession with doors, at first, the doors are the only well lit parts of the ship, no matter how the rest of the ship looks around them.  The Alien itself is a giant demon penis monster that rapes it’s victims, which is utterly horrifying.  Did that shock you?  Have you ever looked at H.R. Giger’s work?  There is a reason why he was chosen. The original design for the Alien had a giant penis instead of a tail, and there are also multiple nods to orifices throughout his work and the set, which I have chosen not to go into.  But if you think the navigation machine where they first discover the dead pilot isn’t a big penis with testicles attached to it, you’re in denial.



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  1. I did not consider watching Alien because I hate the Alien Vs Predators movies, but I am guessing is different. I think that photo attached is very explicit. The Black Sabbath it also offered the change in the lighting to determine the safe space and the uncertainty of the surrounding.

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