A lot on his mind during his big day…


Snuffles trained his whole life for this moment, and nothing could stop him now… As the clock counted down to the start of his first Olympic extreme squirrel water surfing finals, he took a moment to reflect. He remember his squirrelfriend Elizabeth, all the fights they’d had, all the fun they had, that one time she got scared when running across a power line a pooped on the head of some unknowing passerby down below… Without her support, and all the hours she spent gathering nuts and searching for shiny things none of this would have been possible. The gun sounded, the race had begun, and Dr. Snuffles MacArthur squishytail had work to do.


I chose this assignment because it seemed fun.  I’m a big fan a memes, and they often come with a bit of context with the original image so you can understand who the person or animal being depicted is and why they are the figurehead for that particular subject.  Since I’m so used to having context for the crazy pictures I see on the internet, I sort of automatically start building it for things that don’t have any.  Thus, this assignment came pretty naturally.

For this assignment, I googled crazy pictures, and found this near the top.  As soon as a saw it I had a picture of this squirrel training so hard to get to the Olympics.  Then I thought about the things he was probably neglecting in his life to accomplish that, so I gave him a girlfriend to establish a foundation for his success.  I figured they would’ve been together for some time, since it’s a big liability to accept the responsibilities of someone else’s life on their shoulders, so I wanted them to have some endearing memories together.

I imagined them hanging out, and was trying to decide what a squirrel couple would do together.  I remember a few week ago my girlfriend and I were leaving poppy hill restaurant in downtown, and I saw a squirrel running across a power line, I said to her “careful, you don’t want it to poop on you.”  That gave me the idea, and rounded out the story well.  I wanted the story to end with a moment of solitude and triumph for the squirrel, since he was so unique I wanted to make sure he got his moment in the sun at the end of the piece (also, for him being such a good sport and letting me write about him).