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The league s6 e7 Netflix

Name: Dr
Age: 50’s
Clothing: Dr’s coat and stethoscope
Talk: She gave instructions on the use of a fecal sampling kit

Name: Penny
Age: low 30’s
Clothing: Dressed like a white girl from the 90’s trying to seem edgy
Talk: used French accent, annoyed everyone. Talked about her business making over cats to give them catitude.

Name: Father Maldoone
Age: mid 40’s
Clothing: basketball shorts and t-shirt
Talk: played rough basketball with main character, fouled him a lot, and said “I preach hard I play hard”

I liked this assignment because it’s interesting to call your attention to the side characters. For the most part they’re just story fodder, but this makes you look more closely at their acting and how legitimate they seem. I think this would have paired well with the write a side character background assignment, but alas the steak won the other assignment slot this week. I had been wanting to watch the new season of the league, so it was a good chance for me to catch up on my binge watching and get some work done.

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