Oh, I’ll describe my food… IN SOOOOOOOOONG


Steak and potatoes with wine

Oh, steak so juicy and pink
With some California red to drink
Potatoes mashed with butter and salt
If it’s not delicious it’s your fault

Takes about an hour to make
Except the wine, that comes ready to drink
Sear your steak on high in pan
And baste with butter when you can

Boil potatoes and mash with milk
Salt and butter are their ilk
Empty all into your tummy
Then go write this poem dummy

I wrote this post on Memorial Day, so we were doing dinner up. We bought a $50 bottle of wine and made everything from scratch. I was really proud of this dinner, so when I saw this assignment, I got excited. I opted to do it as a poem because I’m a musician, and I like to rhyme things.

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