This Case… IS SHOWED.

Hello folks, Spooksy here.  This week I’m bringing you five more cats the government doesn’t want you to pet.  I think?  Something like that.  ANyway, this first piece is a movie mashup poster between divergent and the hunger games: The Divergent Games.  I think this a great movie poster because if you hung this in a theater, people would think it was a real thing.  It’s done so well it could be professional.  The other thing I like about it is the fact that I could picture that movie being made.  The Idea and the execution were both really solid.
Agent Kitler

This on here I enjoy, because it’s utterly horrible and depraved.   The person that made this, should seek psychicatric help.  Like from that lady on the T.V. at night.
This one good because all the images fit consistently together, they look like they were added from the same source at the same time, as opposed to being copy/pasted.  Also, we all want this movie to happen.  Even if you don’t, you do.
Snuffles The Destroyer of Couches
This one here is very short, but packs a lot of punch.  It makes a lot of heavy points in a very simple way.  I can’t say enough good things about it.
That which Squeaks
Here we see captain Kirk getting in a bit over his head as he tries to hang with the Jedi. That look on his face is priceless, because he’s going to die. Why are all Spooksy words underlined? I don’t understand, did I click the wrong button? Why won’t it let me link the picture of the cat? Hello? Internet?

Anyway, I hope you have found these kittens to be as disturbing as I have.  Make sure you send me $20 at www.putSpooksythroughnightschool.scrrrd and help support an underprivileged me in your area.  Can I stay with you for a few weeks until this cat pictures blog takes off by the way?

Get out of my dreams ::dance moves:: and into my showcase. Starring: Spooksy!

Good afternoon childrens’s! Spooksy here coming to you liiiiiiiiiive from the insane clown murderer fun zone for kids!  I’d like to start this evening’s show by reminding everyone we’re having a half priced sale on children this week at the mansion.  You bring us your children, and we’ll pay you half price!  Am I right folks? COme 0n! Gimmie some love!

Tonight’s first masterpiece comes to us from Gabbie Christie, in a post titled “custom shoes.”  It seems gabby has a lot riding on these kicks, because she gave them the world, or rather universe.  Stare straight into the fourth dimension of hell while staying light on your feet!  WHy, if I had a trail of these leading up to the mansion, I’d never have to pay half price for children ever again!  They’d just walk right on in the mansion!

“Custom shoes”

Alright alright alright ladies and gentlemen SETTLE DOWN> I”LL KILL YOU1.  IF I HADN”T LOST MY STABIN HAND IN THE WAR YOU WOULD BE DONE FOOOOOOOOOOOOR my friend. aNYWAY, excuse me, Anyway, Our next work this week is a T-shirt designed by HEADREAPER.  IT’s based on an anime show where the characters all try to keep the child incarnation of god from getting bored and destroying their world.  I like it because cartoons are the best way to attract children.  and that’s what spooksy NEEDS. Y A HEAR ME!?  My favorit epart ist he favorite. part. is. the. tagline on the back “my happiness should be your top priority”, because it really comments on the show and tells you something interesting about it.

Pictures of cats

My next favorite post of the week was made by my good man Derick! Who is my good personal friend.  That I have definitely met in real life.  And who might even be named Derick.  He loves to eat children too! I mean, spend time with children too! Actually, that sounds even worse than the first thing.  There are some broken people in this world ladies and gentlemen…  Anyway, let’s hear it for Steven, and his mind blowing maze!!!

Steven’s Mind Blowing Maze, I think?

This next assignment is my favorite because… Aw forget it.  I’m getting bored.  Here’s the thing.

Mom, where do children come from? And how do I get the meat tender?

Aaaaaand here’s another thing someone did.  Get out.  Call me later.  I love you.

Another thing someone did