Mocking Up A Newsweek Cover (VisualTutorials737)


I wanted to do this one because it was one of the first assignments I did for the class, and it didn’t turn out great.  I hadn’t learned paint.NET yet, so I did it in ms paint.  Looking back it seems like such an easy assignment, and I think it would have been a great one to dip your feet in the water with a new program.  If I was going to change anything, maybe I would have cropped if a bit to make it look like a magazine, but most people get their news online now anyway, so I feel a banner type graphic is perfectly acceptable.  Also, I went through the settings of OBS, and it’s now my entire screen with much higher quality.  Mission accomplished.

How To: Multiply Thyself (VisualTutorials943)

I chose this assignment because in looking at the instructions, it seemed a bit rigid, so I wanted to offer some alternatives.  I like the idea of several versions of yourself sitting in an office interviewing each other, but why can’t they be in space?  Or on vacation?  I took three different generations of myself on a trip to the grand canyon.  I thought this was an interesting take because it added a bit of flair.  I could have used a prop, or taken some pictures of myself, but I felt that it honestly wouldn’t have changed the content of the tutorial much, and certainly not in any relevant way.  The only thing about the tutorial I wish I would have done differently, it I wish I would have shown how to use the lasso tool instead of just talking about it, because I think it’s a big part of the still frame take on this assignment.  I also wish I would have talked a bit about making a video and pulling frames from that instead of pictures, but I was already getting a bit lengthy, so I omitted.  I’m pretty new to OBS (Open Broadcast Software), and you can tell.  Part of my screen got cut off, and the video isn’t as high resolution as I would like.  I’ll definitely look into that on the next video.