This week’s news from… NewsWeek! (3.5 Stars VisualAssignments737)


I chose this assignment because it’s right in my wheelhouse.  I have to admit, I struggled a bit this week, I’m not a photography or Photoshop guy, but I’m good at writing and being witty and funny.  Stuff like this that I can do in paint and then add value with words is where it’s at for me.  “I googled crazy pictures” and scrolled down the list making up headlines for everything I saw.  I originally skipped this image because I thought the premise was too simple.  I came to the conclusion that a simple premise was probably best for this medium, as some of the other jokes I came up with couldn’t properly breath on just one image.  I still wanted to add some depth though, so I took on the optional task of writing some additional blurbs eluding to other articles.  I wanted to make sure everything tied in, and I wanted to still have the main focus be about my cover story, so I did one blurb that was more to add depth to my simple idea and add a legitimate sort of feel to the obviously satirical cover, and one blurb that kind of punctuates the idea in a joke.