Love at first shot



I chose Cthulu and Zoidburg, because why not Zoidburg?  I mean look, they are both crustaceans displaced from the world they know, who are just trying to feel a little bit more at home.  They both have icky tentacle faces, so kissing doesn’t weird them out, which is a big plus in a dating market that is 99.9999999% non-crustacean non-face tentacle non-monsters.

I got this idea from what Professor Groom was saying about the elder Gods.  I’m a huge Lovecraft fan, and Cthulu always reminded me a bit of Zoidburg, so I hit google.  I was not disappointed.  After I found this picture I thought about how to mash together the funny playful Futurama tone with the serious and epic Lovecraftian tone.  I kept it pretty light, but I also managed to get in a large number of deaths, and the idea of thoughts so horrible that merely conceiving of them would drive one to lunacy.

They met one day as Zoidburg was down on the beach shedding for the summer, as Cthulu emerged from his ancient slumber to bring destruction to all mankind. As he crested the water, Zoidburg noticed how the sun reflected off of his slimy green wet skin, and couldn’t help but get a bit excited.  In the custom of his people, he erected his mating foliage and began to dance in an assertive and dominant manor to get Cthulu’s attention.  Cthulu saw this, and thought it was cute how pathetic and meek the tiny crab man was.  He thought of how little the red one knew about the universe, and the struggle behind the veil of consciousness, kind of like his favorite T.V. character, John Snow.  Cthulu flapped his mighty wings and in an instant the water parted from around him as he glided effortlessly out of the water and onto the beach.  Their eyes met, and there was no stopping it then.  They both felt it, and one of them dealt it, as the universe shuttered under the weight of their intent.  Thousands died, but were happy to do so in the service of all things imminent in the flow of the universe.  Their consummation was unholy, and to speak of it would cause one’s sanity to fade into a place unbeknownst  and inconceivable.  No one was left wanting that day, which is more than anyone wanted in the first place. <3 <3 <3

This week’s news from… NewsWeek! (3.5 Stars VisualAssignments737)


I chose this assignment because it’s right in my wheelhouse.  I have to admit, I struggled a bit this week, I’m not a photography or Photoshop guy, but I’m good at writing and being witty and funny.  Stuff like this that I can do in paint and then add value with words is where it’s at for me.  “I googled crazy pictures” and scrolled down the list making up headlines for everything I saw.  I originally skipped this image because I thought the premise was too simple.  I came to the conclusion that a simple premise was probably best for this medium, as some of the other jokes I came up with couldn’t properly breath on just one image.  I still wanted to add some depth though, so I took on the optional task of writing some additional blurbs eluding to other articles.  I wanted to make sure everything tied in, and I wanted to still have the main focus be about my cover story, so I did one blurb that was more to add depth to my simple idea and add a legitimate sort of feel to the obviously satirical cover, and one blurb that kind of punctuates the idea in a joke.

Revenge of the bucket list! (4 star)

Bucket List Collage

I chose this assignment because it compliments to writing assignment I did about my bucket list.  I think it adds a layer of depth and texture to that assignment by adding the visual element.  It is my goal that one day I can make a collage of me doing all those things, hopefully sooner rather than later.

My other post about my bucket list

Penn, Teller, Buildings, and Bagels! (2 Star VisualAssignments1674)

Vacation Collage

I chose this assignment because I just got back from a really exciting vacation!  I’ve only ever been on two, and this is the only one I had pictures from, so I apologize for the lack of variety.  The Penn and Teller pictures are pretty self explanatory, so I won’t go much into those.  I will say it was a great show, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves magic or comedy.  The picture of the empire state building was from our hotel room in central Manhattan.  We stayed at the Hilton 2 blocks away from the largest Macy’s in the world (the one with the big Christmas display every year).  The other building is times square (obviously), it’s one of the most photographed places in the world, so it might not exciting to anyone else, but we took the picture, so it’s exciting to us.  Lastly, we have that big delicious everything bagel from a little hole in the the wall deli.  A trip to New York in my opinion is not complete without a slice of pizza and an everything bagel.  Man, they make ’em good up there.

Happy birthday to me!! (2.5 stars)

Happy Birthday Mike

This seemed like a fun assignment, because I like drawing over my pictures.  My two favorites are the one where I made myself look like a Simpsons version of Bob Ross, and the one where I made myself into the devil.  I also think this shows good contrast because it’s a real image with cartoon elements drawn in, which gives it a playful goofy feel.  It’s also got good juxtaposition, because birthdays are supposed to be happy celebrations, and I’m using a picture where I’m not very happy.  It’s also nice to re-purpose old photos.  Honestly, this photo was a throwaway one of my friends took while playing with his new phone, so it’s nice to be able to use it for something productive.