Cooking Children With Spooksy (VideoAssignments212 2 Stars)

So I did a few new things with this video, I used Open Broadcast Software to record an active computer window (free program, easy to use, would highly recommend), and I added a title and did narration in movie maker.  The title was super easy, I’ll probably use that again, unless I decided to create a title plate in paint.NET, but the narration wasn’t so great.  It was difficult to work with the file after the narration had been done.  Every time I wanted to cut a scene, it tried to delete the whole audio track with it.  I eventually realized you have to split the audio track separately in order to delete a scene, which is a bit cumbersome.  Also, the quality is HORRIBLE.  Yes, I’m using the built in mic on my laptop for this assignment, but I’ve used it before in Audacity and it sounded much much better.  There’s a big hissy white noise sound going on in the background, and it picked up a bunch of ambient noise.  I may have to look into recording narration A) with the better microphone, or B) in audacity and importing, which I’m not even sure it possible.  Movie Maker is also starting to feel a bit limiting too.  It’s not as feature rich as I would like it to be, and I felt my cuts could have been more precise than the software allowed me to make.  I guess you can’t complain about a free video editing software though.  As for the content, originally I wanted to find a show with a child cooking and comment over that, but the whole idea seemed a bit too creepy.  I’m not opposed to making people uncomfortable, in fact, I think it’s a great device for story telling, and I enjoy it very much in the media I consume, but I am walking a thin line when it comes to creating content for a class.  While no one has set any specific limits that I’ve seen as to the content I create, it just seems like it would be a bad move to stray too far beyond the boundary of good taste.  Also, I enjoy the fact the Spooksy is very likable, despite his bad habits.  I feel like if I make those habits too real, he’ll lose a bit of the rapport he’s built.  If I’m going to do that, it should be in Spooksy’s final appearance.