Spooksy Goes To The Bathroom (VideoAssignments1159 5 Stars)


When I started writing the script for this assignment, I was having a conversation with myself, like the assignment intended.  When thinking about the challenges associated with the filming I said to myself, it would be easier if I had my girlfriend read one part, why didn’t I think of that before?  I wrote the rest of the script, filmed it, and then looked back at the assignment and realized… I made a mistake, because I was supposed to play both parts.  But… the video was really good.  The story was good, the feeling the video had was good, and it really worked the way I made it.  So I’m left with a choice, do I submit something that really isn’t even the assignment anymore, but is in itself a better story?  Or do I re-film it and turn in something that’s more technically accurate, but of a lesser quality?  I’m putting myself out on a limb here, and betting on the story.  Technically, this is not what the assignment was, but I think it’s better for it.  I said in one of my earlier posts I don’t want to directly associate Spooksy with the horrible things he does yet because I want him to be likable.  Once we see him hurting someone, that goes out the window.  I think one of the scariest things about him is you could see yourself hanging out with him, even though he’s a monster. Because of that, I wanted him to get a little more creepy, and elude more to his bad side, without ever quite making it real to the audience. I set out to make this lovable funny Spooksy, but also very unsettling and creepy.  I wanted to elude to some behind the scenes things he has going on that motivate him to be who he is.  I wanted to do all that, but still have you think he’d be fun to hang out with.  I think that’s very much what I’m turning in.