Star Wars Attacks! (MashupAssignments1511 3.5 Stars)

Star Wars Attacks

I had originally wanted to do ET coming out of one of the spaceships from independence day, but I couldn’t find the right images to make it work.  I saw that a lot of folks were doing Star Wars, and I know they have another movie coming out soon, so I figured the stock photos would abound.  After I found the image you see here, I had to find an alien to add to it.  Star Wars is a pretty diverse galaxy, so pretty much anything would work.  I typed alien with a cloak, and this is one of the guys that popped up.  He is the head alien from Mars Attacks!, a really great comedy staring Lesilie Nealson.  It was a makeup test picture I beleave, so he was standing against a monotone backdrop, it was easy to remove with paint.NET’s magic wand, and the rest is history, as Star Wars Attacks!