Game Of Spooksy (MashupAssignments544 3.5 Stars)

This assignment should be worth waaaay more than 3.5 stars!  It’s tough to get the words and mouth movements to sync up!  I thought about using a cartoon, because they use the same five or six generic mouth positions for everything to make it easier for people to talk over, but that seemed a little too safe.  Originally, I had attempted a two person portion of this conversation between Peter and Sansa, but that was a bit beyond my ability, so I scaled it back to just Peter talking.  It’s not perfect.  I’ll be the first to admit there are a couple rough spots, but trying to write a script based on mouth movements is a legitimately difficult task.  However, I learned a lot doing this assignment, and I went way out of my comfort zone.  This is the first time I’ve pulled a title card and music from an intro and re-purposed it, which I think came out well, and I did my best to overlay the ambiance of the scene with my own vocals, which seemed to go pretty well.  I can definitely see room for improvement, but I think this is a solid attempt at something I’ve never really done before, and I’m not unhappy with it.  That being said, I’ll probably look for similar assignments in the future to get some more practice in.

Star Wars Attacks! (MashupAssignments1511 3.5 Stars)

Star Wars Attacks

I had originally wanted to do ET coming out of one of the spaceships from independence day, but I couldn’t find the right images to make it work.  I saw that a lot of folks were doing Star Wars, and I know they have another movie coming out soon, so I figured the stock photos would abound.  After I found the image you see here, I had to find an alien to add to it.  Star Wars is a pretty diverse galaxy, so pretty much anything would work.  I typed alien with a cloak, and this is one of the guys that popped up.  He is the head alien from Mars Attacks!, a really great comedy staring Lesilie Nealson.  It was a makeup test picture I beleave, so he was standing against a monotone backdrop, it was easy to remove with paint.NET’s magic wand, and the rest is history, as Star Wars Attacks!

Leonidas Is A Jerk (Mashup Assignments1520 3 Stars)

I chose to mash up scenes of Leonidas from the movie 300 that made him look like a jerk.  I re-watched the movie again recently, and I noticed that Leonidas was a very one dimensional character.  He has no flaws, he never does anything wrong or questionable, he’s just a mans man, a good husband, a noble leader, and blah blah blah blah.  So I decided I wanted to make a highlight reel of some of his jerkiest moments and try to paint him in a different light.


I already had the movie in digital format, so I just converted it to mp4 and loaded it in movie maker.  I watched the movie and picked out parts I thought would suit the video, then I cut the video down to those clips, used music and effects from different parts of the movie, and made this little baby right here.  My favorite part is the twinkly eyes (serious Leonidas eyes shot with little twinkly sound from a different part of the movie).