Car Crash On A Rainy Day (AudioAssignments70 3.5 Stars)

For this I went to the website with the free samples, and the first sample I clicked on was the ambient background with birds and traffic.  I started to think of what I could do with this, and decided that the cars you can hear faintly in the background would have an accident.  I also considered a frustrated guy in traffic, or children playing a game, but the traffic accident seemed like the most pointed.  As we talked about last week, if it isn’t the most exciting part, then why aren’t we experiencing that instead? I added in some rain to make the road conditions perilous, then I found a good real crash between a train and a bus.  I chose not to add the train in, because I didn’t want the piece to creep too far from the initial concept.  Throw in a little car horn, and you’ve got yourself a scene.  I added a man screaming, but I couldn’t get his scream to fit into the mix in a natural and consistent way, so I mixed it as such that his scream is part of the crash.  Unless you know what you’re listening for, it just sounds like another thing breaking.  I like that, I think that adds a lot of texture.