Welcome to Wades (AudioAssignments1820 2.5 Stars)

This seemed a bit easy, so I wrote a whole parody for the first verse of smells like Teen Spirit.  I called the song “Welcome to Wades”, it’s from the point of view of the manager of Wade’s burgers on opening day.  I basically sing goofy things over the regular words to most songs, so this was a pretty quick and easy one.  I tried to think of a song that would be easily recognizable that I knew how to play, and what’s more recognizable than Nirvana?  I thought of the first line of the song “load up on guns,” and immediately changed the last word to buns, from there I started to look at what I could do with that, and instead of hoarding buns, I thought maybe we could be loading them into a toaster, and immediately burger place came to mind.  I used to work at a burger king, so I remember loading buns into a toaster.  Everything else just kind of fell into place after that.  I recorded the song on one track, in four takes.  The first one was pretty decent, but my voice was a bit pitchy, as I’m not warmed up.  I think my voice is still a bit pitchy in the last one, but taking half an hour to warm up defeats the point of a quick 20 minute assignment.  I hope the comedy makes up for the rough and tumble recording.  I have a home studio with an expensive Mic, and you’ll definitely hear that at some point, but for this I did it in my living room on my tablet’s Mic, and it sounds pretty decent, I must say.