Paper the walls!! (DesignAssignments1491 4.5 Stars)

I wanted to make a wallpaper that inspired creativity to reflect the class, so I decided to make something where the main theme was building.  That failed horribly.  I tried to draw blocks with the letters on them and build a DS106 tower, but I think I’m still a bit new at this to tackle something like that effectively.  I’m not sure whether I should have turned in that, or this.  Is it better to turn in something ambitious but poorly executed, or less technical but better executed?  My second try I decided to make refrigerator magnet letters, kind of a play on creating things through manipulating the letters.  I am a bit worried that they don’t convey well.  Originally, I just had the DS 106 letters scattered around the top, but I didn’t think it conveyed the point well enough.  To correct this I put in more random letters, but then you couldn’t really see the DS106.  In the end, I bunched DS106 together and moved all the other letters off to the sides, in a best of both worlds compromise.  I dunno, I’m still not happy in conveys the message well.  In writing this, I think I’ve decided to redo it…

Alright, try three.  I showed the picture to my girlfriend and asked her if she got it, she said no, so I asked why.  She said the other letters should be different colors.  I played with it for a bit, changed the background color to something that better suited the pallet, and here we are.  I think this is a much stronger work than the last one, because it not only conveys the building, it conveys the child like aspect of playing  as well, and I think this class should be as much about having fun with all these toys as anything else.

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