I really only needed one panel for this movie… (DesignAssignments358 3.5 Stars)

Four Tile

This was my first time every using Paint.NET, so it took me a really long time to do.  I watched a couple tutorials online, and then jumped right in.  I wanted to do panels like you would see in a comic book, because all my elements were cartooney.  My favorite layout for comic panels is to have the art sticking over the side of the panel, like it’s popping out, so I tried to incorporate that with the first 2 panels.  I thought about doing all four, but the images didn’t scale well, and became too pixelated when I enlarged them.  Out of all the three things I’ve designed with paint.NET so far, this is my favorite.  I think all the elements are very cohesive, even thought they were all pulled from separate google searches, and I was really happy with the cartoon panel look.

SPOILERS:  If you’re not done trying to guess it, stop reading here.

Fight Club has to be one of my favorite movies and books, it’s the only book I’ve ever read more than once.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a secular Buddhist, and there are a lot of good Buddhist themes in the book.  Letting go of material things, living in the moment, finding happiness in simple things, etc.  The panels I chose to use were a broken IKEA logo, two Ed Norton’s, a bar of soap, and a heart.  At the beginning of the story, Ed Norton comments on how his life is becoming a constant struggle of keeping up with the Jones’s, and he even orders IKEA on the toilet.  He subconsciously blows up his apartment, breaking all of his IKEA stuff.  He becomes so repressed, that he has to split into two personalities to try to balance his life, thus the two pictures of Ed Norton (the actor who played the main character in the movie).  His alter ego/split personality teaches him how to make soap, which has a lot of heavy meaning I won’t go into in the interest of brevity.  Finally, he watches a building blow up with his new girlfriend Marla Singer, after finally getting his life to a point where he can manage it as himself, instead of two people, AKA he finds love and happiness.

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