I Know What’s Going On My Amazon Wishlist (DesignAssignments605 4 Stars)


This design was fairly easy and flowed very naturally.  Even though the characters don’t have much established lore yet, I found an anchor point in each one I could build off of.  Morlium is a very bland monotone guy, so black and white with a neutral title seemed perfect.  Spooksy, well, is Spooksy (great barbeque though… I wish he would tell me what’s in it. Veal maybe?).  5 I don’t know a whole lot about, except she is a child ghost, but it turns out, that’s enough.  I wanted a bright color for her since she’s a child, plus it contrasts well with the others.  I managed to find a pretty high res picture of a bookshelf by googling “empty wooden bookshelf”, and I got the grill by searching for “grilling outside”, so no real speed bumps there.

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