Bite My Shiny Metal Assignment (DesignAssignments9 4 Stars)

Bite My Shiney Metal Assignment

When I read this assignment, it reminded me of the old AOL chatrooms of the 90’s.  I started thinking of all the little drawings people would do as one line of text, and I remembered my favorite, Homer Simpson (_8′(|) So I drew him, I blew him up, and turned him sideways.  It didn’t look very good…  I tried adding some color, but that didn’t help either.  I looked at the grey of his beard and thought, maybe Bender from Futurama would better translate into text (Bender is actually largely based off Homer, according to Matt Groening, the man who drew them both), so I tried it.  It ended up looking a lot better, but it was still off.  Again, I went to my girlfriend and said “who does this look like?”  She said Homer.  I asked why, and she said the mouth.  She was right, I had just colored Homer’s mouth grey.  I ended up taking out the nose, and adding a cigar as a final touch.  Comparing the two, I think the second one is much much stronger, even though it has very minor tweaks.



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