Week 1 Summary

I think I’ve finished out everything for the first week, hopefully properly, so it’s time to reflect.  I’m a big horror fan, but because of that, I feel like I may be a bit jaded on the genre.  I’ve seen so many movies, read so many books, and played so many games that it takes a lot to really stand out and scare me.  I don’t say this to sound tough, I say it because I feel a bit desensitized to the stimulus.  I’ve noticed over the years that every monster scares me less and less, because in the end, they are all interchangeable.

It all gets a little too formulaic too, there’s a good guy and an evil force, and the only ones who die are the ones who deserve it for some reason or another.  It sets the precedence that even in the chaos there are ways to keep safe.  I don’t like my horror safe.  I like unpredictable, unavoidable, and unyielding.  I don’t think horror should have a happy ending.

As an example of something I find truly horrifying, I’ll tell a story from work.  I work as a Paramedic, one day another Paramedic was telling me about a call he went on in Ashland on route 54.  Out of nowhere, a tree just fell into the road and crushed a car, killing the driver.  THAT is terrifying.  They weren’t doing anything wrong, they didn’t deserve to die by anyone’s reckoning, and when things started to go down, there was nothing they could’ve done to make the situation turn out alright.

In the short story I wrote about the lab worker I explored another facet of life that I’m terrified of, the failings of the human psyche.  Have you ever been on the top of a high building and been afraid you might jump?  I have.  I’m a completely sane and reasonable person (opinions my vary), I have a happy life, and would never consider killing myself.  Standing on top of a building and looking down, a tiny part of me says “I wonder what would happen if I jumped right now.”

I think it’s therapeutic to explore the things that scare us, as it helps us to deal with them.  It lets us take things too horrible to think about and put them in a context where it’s OK to think about them.  I’m excited to explore these things in myself, and participate in the journey of others to do the same.


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