The Final Summary

So I finished up all the extra stuff I had to to for the class this week.  The only real work I have left to do is to make a few more comments and maybe update my final project if I get some good feedback.  I didn’t see a whole lot of project posts to comment on, and I went back several pages, so I hope I made enough comments.  I have a busy rest of the week at work, which is why I’m doing this on Tuesday, but maybe I can check in later and update stuff if I find some more to comment on.  I’m pretty happy about my final project, and for all intents and purposes, I consider myself to be done.  I’ve even turned in the assignment on Canvas.  But if I get some super good feedback or think of something really great I may add it and re-submit.  Here’s to hoping I get some great comments from my peers!

The Legend of Spooksy: Part 1 (Final Project)

I made some Comments!

The Student Has Become The Teacher ::Kung Fu Noises:: (Tutorial)

Mocking Up A Newsweek Cover (Tutorial)

Hot To: Multiply Thyself (Tutorial)

A Very Spookstacular Summary

So apparently I made some things this week people really liked.  Got a few re-tweets and mentions on things, which always makes me feel good.  I stumbled a bit this week as well.  In particular, I did one assignment completely wrong, but it turned out really well, so I dunno whether to call that a win or lose.  I guess I’ll decide when I see my grade.  I played with movie maker more, and some of my classmates had some great helpful comments on how to use it properly, which helped me out a lot.  I recommend the Spooksography, it’s my favorite from this week.



The Purpose Of Life Daily Create

Spooksy Reads Some Hobbit Fan Fiction Daily Create

I Simpsons BoB Rossed Myself Daily Create

The Road To 110 5 Star Video Assignment

Cooking Children With Spooksy 2 Star Video Assignment

Spooksy Goes To The Bathroom 5 Star Video Assignment

Spooksography 4 Star Video Assignment

Bat Mike Returns (Weekly Summary)

This week was interesting, I played with a new program (Movie Maker) and learned my way around it a bit, but I’m still at a very basic level with it.  Hopefully some day It’ll match my Paint.NET success.  I focused a lot on making my videos funny and not relying on much else, as I don’t have much else to rely on yet in the realm of video.  It’s almost halloween, and I bought a batman mask to do the Bat Dad parody Bat Mike (my favorite work from this week), so I tried to get some more mileage out of it by making most of my videos caped crusader related.  On a side note, my throat really hurts from doing that voice, I don’t know how Christian Bale pulled it off for three movies.

Look Out Ridley Scott, Here I Come! (VideoEssay)

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Com Ments!

Bat Opera (3 Star Video)

Spooksy 1 Card (5 Star Video)

Bat Mike (2 Star Video)

Batman Begins (DailyCreate)

Help: Wanted (Daily Create)

That which Summizes

I think my paint.NET skills are getting a lot better. I was able to visualize my whole design assignment in my head before even touching to computer.  It took my maybe 20 minutes start to finish, and that includes googling.  I think it honestly looks pretty good to boot.  I got a lot of great ideas for my radio show and other future projects by listening to others shows.  I also got a lot of creative fodder for the future by deciding to make the horrible hosts a super hero team.  All in all, pretty solid week.  Oh, and I bastardized Shakespeare a bit, which is always nice.


A Horrible Evening Of Radio Listening

I Know What’s Going On My Amazon Wishlist (4 Star Design Assignment)

Nightmare on Insidious The 13th (3.5 Star Writing Assignment)

Everything Is Cool (3 Star Writing Assignment)

It Really Does Change The Painting (Daily Create)

Spooksy’s Mansion (Daily Create)

Shakespeare’s: Spaceship (Daily Create)

The Commentening (Comments)

InterViewing The Nightmare (Assignment Create)

Some Mary

I had a lot of fun playing with my host character this week.  I tried to let him leak into my work outside of his designated area to build some more lore around him.  I spent a lot of time re-writing an entire song and re-recording it, and it’s alright.  The levels aren’t perfect, I had to lower the voice track so much for the screaming parts that it’s a bit in the background during the rest of the song.  I need to spend more time with audacity and learn how to change sound levels at different parts on the same track.  I think Spooksy really got to breath as a character this week, and I think I have a good enough grasp on him to play him live on the radio show if I need to, but there are still a lot of unknowns as far as the radio show.  I think I’m just going to tweet out a list of possible names and themes and see if I get any responses.  I think for our group dynamic, everyone recording their own segment, and then one of us mixing them all together is probably the best option for a format, so I’m going to advocate that to the group as well and see if it gets any traction.  As I said in some of my posts, I am worried about the radio show a bit, but I’m going to stay positive and try and push forward on the project.


About The Radio Show

Bumper Sticker

Spooky Lives Matter

Spooks Dreams

Spooksy Loves The Little Childrens

Get Out of My Dreams And Into My Showcase

(Insert Creative Title for Design Summary)

Ah, design, I know yee not at all.  Even though I’ve never designed before, I felt pretty good about my work this week.  I think the elements are pretty fundamental and universal, and the concept isn’t hard to grasp.  I’m not really into the nuances of aesthetics, but I get it (I think? I hope?).  Everything Vignilli said I understood, and a lot of things I agree with very strongly, and already practice.  I took some things away from the reading and tried to incorporate them into my assessments and works.  Particularly, simplicity and dead space.  I like to say what I want to say and make my exit.  Like I was saying in an earlier week’s summary about authors like George R. R. Martin and Tolkien, I don’t want my hand held that much, I want to create some of the world in my own head and make it mine.  That’s what I’ve tried to do in everything I’ve created this week: put it out there, and let it breath.  This is my first time using Paint.NET, and I think I’ve gotten it down fairly well for a new user.  I’m still exploring the more advanced functions, but I didn’t feel limited by my skill level in creating any of my work (except the blocks for the DS106 wallpaper).  I did go outside my own perspective for some advice though, and ended up re-doing two of my design assignments.  I kept both versions in the final submissions, and I think they show a lot of progress between what I made and what I refined it in to.  I found that sometimes I forget that people don’t see exactly like I do, and sometimes need a bit more framing to be able to look at something in the light I’m trying to present it.  That’s probably my biggest take away from this week: the balance between being minimal, and still properly conveying the message to people whose perspective differs from my own.


The Vignilli Cannon

The Horror You Never See

Love at First Shot

Paper The Walls!! (4.5 Star Design Assignment)

Bite My Shiny Metal Assignment (4 Star Design Assignment)

I Only Really Need One Panel For This Movie (3.5 Star Design Assignment)

He Actually Looks Pretty Happy Upside Down (Daily Create)

The Only Place That’s Open for Lunch at 10am (Daily Create)

Target Practice (Daily Create)

The sounds of summar… Y.

Audio Week!  I had a lot of fun this week. I’m familiar with Audacity, I use soundcloud frequently, and I’m musically inclined, I couldn’t really ask to be anymore in my comfort zone.  I think my crowning achievement this week is Spooksy’s Haunted Mansion (AudioAssignments1418).  I think I took a bunch of ordinary sounds and made them into something truly spooky and authentic that I’ll get a lot of mileage out of.  I was already sort of familiar with Foley and theatrical sounds effects, but the reading was still very interesting.  It reminded me of a really good Mythbusters (Season 10 Episode 6) episode where they match up Foley effects to the real sounds.  Very interesting watch if you have Hulu.  I think the assignment I learned the most from was Car Crash On A Rainy Day (AudioAssignments70).  In particular, the hardship I had trying to make the scream fit into my crash that ended up blending so well it just sounded like part of the crash.  It added a great layer of depth to the crash, even though you would never think of a scream as a sound that would come from two object crashing together.  It really expanded the box for me, and caused me to look at more unorthodox sounds for their tones to blend into my sounds.


Kuuu Chee Kuuu Chee Kuuu Chee (Audio Reflection)

Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds (Radio Bumper)

That’s Not How I Would Have Done It (Radio Show Idea)

Sounding Off On Comics (Tales From the Crypt)

Welcome to Wades (AudioAssignments1820, 2.5 Stars)

Car Crash On A Rainy Day (AudioAssignments70, 3.5 Stars)

Spooksy’s Haunted Mansion (AudioAssignments1418, 4 Stars)

An Eventful Day (Daily Create 1351)

The Only Right Answer To A Subjective Question (Daily Create 1355)

In Awe of Their Friends Installing The New Samsung 65″ (Daily Create 1355)

A summary is worth a 1,000 pictures


This week was really tough because I am not a photography guy at all.  That’s part of the reason I took the class though, to challenge myself and try new things in new areas.  You would be hard pressed to say my work this week was anything but rudimentary, but I think I did a good job of finding creative ways of filling in my lack of experience in photography/cinematography with my strong suits to produce overall quality work.

I can say that I’m a lot more comfortable with MS Paint than I was last week, that’s for sure.  Paint is really simple and un-intimidating, but still fairly powerful for what I’m doing.  I think it definitely limited me in my choices for visual assignments, but short of buying and learning a more powerful program, it gets the job done.

In retrospect, I wish I would’ve challenged myself a bit more.  I played it safe for most of these because the material was so far out of my comfort zone, and I regret that.  In particular, I wish I would’ve picked a more exotic location for my photoblitz.  Some of the photos were alright, but I think the assignment would have been much stronger if I’d allotted the time for a run to park for the assignment.  My goal for next week is going to be to push myself to go further out on a limb with the visual stuff, and hope I don’t fall off the branch and hang myself on the way down.


Photoblitz around the house!

Someone’s not as alone as she thinks she is…

Throwing my cinematography hat into “The Ring”

Experienced Photographer Wanted

NewsWeek (3.5 star Visual)

Revenge of the bucket list (4 star Visual)

Penn, Teller, Buildings, and Bagels (2 Star Visual)

Happy Birthday to me!!! (2.5 Star Visual)

Self Help Book (Daily Create)

The last one… (Daily Create)

I call this one “Mike, why do you always have to ruin nice things” (Daily Create)

Week 3… The deadliest of all the summaries.

I really had fun this week.  I felt like my daily creates were pretty spot on (especially Peep Impact), which makes me feel good.  I was super excited that “Why so Deerious?” got featured, which gave me a lot of confidence to go out and swing for the fences this week.

The Vonnegut piece made me consider the arc’s in this week’s reading/viewing, which is something I hadn’t been taking into account previously.  It’s not that I’m not familiar with them, it’s just that they become so repetitive that sometimes I try to ignore them to help me enjoy the story.  It’s a rare thing to see a truly original piece of work in my opinion, so for me I have to forget that I know how things will end so I can enjoy the process of getting there.

This week was pretty busy for me work-wise, so I’ve had to do a fair bit of this class’s work as more of a gut reaction than a well thought piece, but I don’t see this as a necessarily bad thing.  I think it’s good to work on those quick response chops, and I think it’s helpful to get critiqued on that level too.  It helps refine the process on a level that rarely gets looked at by others.  Normally, I get it polished up before I put it out for scrutiny, so I’m at a loss for feed back at that raw stage.  I did get a bit sloppy in a few spots, so there is definitely a trade-off.


You’ve got to believe me!!

You’ve heard of the reaper’s scythe, now let’s talk about his arc

The spooksy man cometh

Oh, I’ll describe my food… IN SOOOOONG (4 star writing)

Screwing around AND being productive (4 star writing)

Peep Impact (Daily Create)

I hope your computer feels better (Daily Create)

Get it? Because they’re crocheted (Daily Create)

Week 2 Summary

This week I learned a lot about the basic structure of the class.  What’s expected of me, which mediums to use for which type of posts, and how to tag my work.  I’m still getting used to twitter, but I did get to play with it this week more than I have in the past, and installing tweetdeck has made the process a bit easier.  I’m still uncomfortable with it, and it intimidates me, but I’ll keep at it.

I learned about the origins and history of digital storytelling, as well as about the slender man, which were both interesting.  I spend a lot of time on the internet, and I have a paid something awful account, so I’m familiar with the slender man.  He also still comes up on reddit from time to time.  I hope I was able to add to the class with my suggestions of other horror media.

The daily creates were a bit harder than I expected, especially today’s.  I don’t really do much with photoshop, and I haven’t messed around with other digital picture editing programs before.  I’m worried that my creative attempt to make a real life toast post was too far off the mark for the assignment.  I think I’ll look at some picture editing options over the weekend and see if I can become more familiar with one.

I enjoyed the creative writing I was able to do, and that came to me a bit easier than I expected.  I haven’t done much of it, and I certainly haven’t had any critiqued before, so I’m interested in seeing what others think of my work.  The Rambo coloring book was probably the most fun I had this week though, and I’m glad I could make some folks laugh with that.  I really enjoyed looking at everyone else’s pictures, especially the one where Rambo joined KISS.


A walk in the city (3 star writing assignment)

My bucket list (2 star writing assignment)

A lot on his mind during his big day (3 star writing assignment)

Toastpaste (9/3 daily create)

Why so deerious? (9/1 daily create)

Something big is about to happen, and none of you will like it… (8/31 dailycreate)

They’re coming to get you one ankle at a time, and there’s nothing you can do about it (response to the weekly viewings)

response to the readings