A Victory For Church And Spooksy (Remix WritingAssignments1198)

In this assignment I’m supposed to onion-ize an article, then for the remix, add a sidekick.

Original Article

A local church group today in association with Spooksy announced a win for families of faith with children in the school system.  The victory comes from a decision made to allow for a Muslim holiday to warrant an extra day off of school for more than 150,000 children.  Spooksy, being the biggest proponent of this bill, said that anytime he can help get children out of school and onto the streets he was happy.  Spooksy claimed “the children are happier when they are far away from adult supervision.”  Going on to say “Children today aren’t independent enough, and people just need to leave them alone and let them carry out their responsibilities on their own instead of always being right beside them all the time and stuff.”  No word yet on the disappearance of Senator Thompson, who was the biggest road block for the bill, after his disappearance last week from a local park during a morning jog.


After I picked this assignment and hit the remix button, I knew Spooksy had to be the side-kick.  Because of this, there were very specific types of articles I was looking for to include him in.  Basically, I looked for anything with children.  I found this one, and I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how this would benefit Spooksy and how he would get involved.  I decided he could be one of the biggest supporters of this for his own reasons.  I wanted to hint very strongly at those reasons, but in a way that if you didn’t know Spooksy, you might miss.  I like the hiding in plain sight aspect.  Also, I had to have it get creepy at the end because, horror.

XimeR esreveR A edaM I(Remixed WritingAssignments554)

For this assignment you are supposed to talk about your favorite assignment from DS106.  For this remix, you’re supposed to play that assignment backwards.

Original Assignment

My favorite assignment for DS106 was one of the assignments I created for the class (yes, I am very narcissistic).  This assignment was a mashup assignment where you take at least 3 pieces of your own work and combine them together to make one cohesive piece.  I enjoyed it because it gave me an excuse to go back through my other works and see how I’ve progressed.  Also, I used elements from different areas of creativity to form one really solid piece.  I got in a little writing, I got a spooky ambiance sound track, and I got to read a home-made poem in the middle of it all.  The remix of this assignmet was to play it backwards, so here’s that too.

Truth be told, I made a bunch of mash-up content to practice.  This just happened to be one of the pieces, and I thought it was so good and experience so valuable to me that I would share it as an assignment for others.  It really does help to pull elements from different genres of creativity into one project, because you get to make something with a much higher production value than time normally allows for these assignments.