Best. Day. EVER!!!!

I wake up and proceed to put on my lucky jacket. On the way to work, I stop by the gas station to pick up some coffee. As I’m waiting in line, I decide to buy a scratch off ticket. I get back to my car, find a quarter, and reveal my prize. The ticket says I have won 300 million dollars. I proceed directly home as fast as possible, and hurry quickly back to bed until a reasonable hour, say, noon. Work has been calling, but thankfully, I forgot to charge my phone last night, so it’s dead, and they weren’t able to interrupt my slumber. I drive to the lottery place to collect my winnings. On the way, I hear on the radio that science has discovered a pill that makes you look lean, tan, and muscular, no matter how horrible you are to your body. I call right away. After I pick up my lottery winnings, I proceed to the car dealership to order one of everything. As I’m deciding which Farrari to drive home, Natalie Portman walks over and asks for a ride… to my house. We are soon married, and I spend the rest of my days neglecting her as I float in a swimming pool filled with scotch.