Is That Your Final Answer? (Create A Daily Create)

Have you ever submitted a daily create and then realized the perfect thing you should have done or said for it?  What about learning a new trick on a piece of software that would have made it exponentially better?  Take one of your past daily creates and give it the treatment it deserves.

Original Submission

When I made this daily create, I didn’t know paint.NET existed.  I did this entirely with MS paint, and let’s face it, it’s not great.  Every time I see it I think about how I would like to recreate it and redeem myself, and I wondered if anyone else had a similar experience.  I figured this was the best outlet for that thought.  Here is redone version of the assignment.

Frogger Final


Create An Assignment 2: The Second 1

This assignment in pretty simple, yet very powerful.  Mash-up your own work!  Take at least 3 things you’ve done this semester, and combine them together to make one cohesive things.  For example:  I took all my host character work related the his haunted mansion, and turned it into a single piece.  It’s a poem, read over a haunted mansion ambiance track, with a little blurb about the mansion underneath.  All 3 pieces were separate assignments, but they mash-up into one cohesive piece.

Spooksy’s mansion is the happiest place on Earth!  There’s candy, and XBOX One, and all the toys you could possible ask for.  More toys than you’d ever have time to play with, even if you played with them for the rest of your life…  And you just may play with them for the rest of your life.  Or at least, until he shows you the basement…

A horrible evening of radio listening

So I chose to sit in on the horrible hosts and corpus metus.  I thought I got some good feedback about our radio show, and I definitely saw some areas that could have been stronger in our show by listening to corpus’s.  Specifically, they had GREAT transitions.  It really made me feel like I should have stepped up our game a bit with more musical fades and interludes.  Also, in listening to our show with the group, I felt it ended too abruptly.  While I did do a verbal outro, it should have been accompanied by music that extended past the end to close the show out more smoothly.  I also liked how people put background music and sound effects to their parts, and I wish I had incorporated more of that into my own work.  I know there’s more work to do and not enough time to spend 3 weeks on the radio show, but man, if I had gotten this opportunity and then been able to go back and resubmit, I would have been able to turn in a much stronger version of our show.

Interviewing the nightmare (Creating an Assignment)

For this assignment, you should sit down and have an interview with your host. Ask them all the hard hitting questions their fans have been dying to find out. Don’t forget to get their opinions on the class and other hosts! You should ask your host at least five questions.



I think this would be a great assignments because it allows you to basically exposition the crap out of your host.  This really lets people get a good feel of your host character, in a very easy and direct way.  I think when you create character from scratch in a short time, it can be difficult to layer the lore and such quickly to establish them quickly with softer handed methods.  This however, gets you right into the meat and potatoes, with however detail you want, in whatever areas you want.

Radio Show 2: The Reckoning

So I just finished editing the final show and sending it out to the other members.  As I was finishing up, I had the thought that I should have asked for everything earlier so I could have made a cut and sent it out for everyone’s approval.  I guess we still have time for that, so I think I’ll put it up to them if they would like to make their own changes.  It sounds really good and flows pretty well I think.  I was a bit worried about consistency, since we all recorded our parts separately on different equipment, and you can definitely tell the audio quality is different on every piece.  In my opinion, it doesn’t effect the overall quality much at all.  I will say, it seems some of the hosts seem to have run into the same mixing problem I had before, where one of the vocal tracks gets a bit muted behind the another track.  I tried to fix this the best I could.  At the end of the day, I’m happy with the project, everyone did what they were supposed to do when they were supposed to do it, which was a huge relief.  The only thing I have to worry about now, is whether the rest of my team and the instructors like it (spoiler: they will, it’s amazing).

The First Week of Our New Show!

I have nothing.  I am, in fact, in a group, we have exchanged E-mails, but we haven’t met at all.  I tried to take online classes because I have a very demanding and dynamic work schedule and it’s hard for me to find specific chunks of time to dedicate to other projects, so the idea of a group project worried me.  I was pro-active, and suggested a google hangout to my group so we could hash out a lot of the basic stuff quickly and have some movement on the show, but only 1 of my 3 other group mates agreed to it, so it didn’t happen.  I have to work tomorrow, so I have to get this homework done today, but I really don’t have any movement on the project to discuss.  Hopefully my group will find some time to come together and we can get moving.  I’m worried…