Spooky Lives Matter (AudioAssignments1839 4.5 Stars)

Spooksy returns from the toilet to find his child has escaped the rotisserie, and he calls 911 for help.  I liked the idea of spooky being more than just a guy, I wanted a super natural element, and in playing around with Audacity I found an effect that reversed voices, so I implemented that to give the impression Spooksy’s got a little bit more to him than what people have seen so far.  I wanted Spooksy to have a child like understanding of the world, so he had to be ignorant of the norms and rules of society.  The calling 91 assignment really helped me to present this.  I wanted Spooksy’s voice to be more distorted and distant so it would sound like it was coming through the phone, but I couldn’t find an effect in Audacity that let me do that, unfortunately.  I considered exporting the audio to my other computer, calling myself from my girlfriend’s phone, and then re-recording it through the phone, but just typing that makes me tired, let alone actually doing it.  I hope Spooksy blocked his number so the police can’t find him…  For the police’s sake…

2 thoughts on “Spooky Lives Matter (AudioAssignments1839 4.5 Stars)”

  1. This is such a cool assignment! I was actually thinking of doing it but couldn’t come up with any creative ideas. This definitely provided more insight into your host character and the way his mind works.

  2. This is hilarious! I actually laughed out loud while listening to this with headphones! There seems like there are many facades to Spooksy. He can talk to the devil, hunt and catch children, cook, AND he can be funny! He sounds like a pretty cool guy, but I for sure would NOT want to get on his bad side…

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