Spooksy loves the little childrens (AudioAssignments454 1.5 Star)

So this week the audio assignments are supposed to be about our host, and I chose 2 really good ones, but I still needed 1 1/2 more starts, so I decided to let my host read a poem, and make it the all spooksy audio week.  I couldn’t find a poem I really liked for spooksy, so I just wrote one really quickly that I thought sounded like something spooksy would write.  I want to set up my characters mansion a bit more, so I went into detail about the basement, rooms, and other mansion guests.  I also think this did a great job making spooksy a bit scarier, as most of the other stuff with him so far has been sort of comical.

3 thoughts on “Spooksy loves the little childrens (AudioAssignments454 1.5 Star)”

  1. Oh my lord this guy is creepy. I love that you just wrote the poem and then read it and it had so much effect. The voice is amazing and really adds to the story. I also like that you gave your character some dimension because he was getting to be a little too funny rather than horror-esque.

  2. If I was doing the showcase this week I would put this on there! This was hands down one of my favorite things to listen to this week. That laugh was a great way to end the poem. I enjoyed the originality and it made me eager to hear more from your host character! I am looking forward to your radio show!

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