Spooks Dreams (AudioAssignments1417 4 Stars)

Man um… I don’t know where to start.  I tried to do this assignments, but when I told Spooksy he was going to read song lyrics over another song he got all angry and said he’d just record a whole song himself with his own words.  He locked himself in my office for a few hours, and I heard all sorts of weird things.  It sounded like he was using a power drill at one point?  I heard sounds that just shouldn’t exist in there… I didn’t bother him…  When he came out, he was holding an mp3 of this song.  I mean, he was actually holding an mp3, I was so scared/amazed I just uploaded it.  I mean, he basically re-made an entire song, just about himself.  I guess I should be impressed… I have so many questions, I just… I’m scared to ask him.

One thought on “Spooks Dreams (AudioAssignments1417 4 Stars)”

  1. I can see why you’d be scared to ask.. I would be scared, too. Listening to this gave me chills, especially when Spooksy used that raspy “screamo” voice he does so well. This was really good!

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