Spookys’s Haunted Mansion (AudioAssignments1418 4 Stars)

This combines a lot of things that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! I’m a huge fan of Audio and horror, so I’m going big this week with the 4 star assignment.  I want to use this track for my character Spooksy that I made as my host.  Going in, I wanted an ambient track of the sounds of his haunted mansion.  It was important to me that it be authentic, and not cheesy.  Everything you hear is not meant to be used for horror, and is ambient sound produced by real people/nature.  That being said, I did still want it to feel like old school horror.  It’s a dark stormy night in an old creaky house, with the bellows of ghostly children, and voices and spirits speaking and roaming freely through the halls.  The first thing I wanted was echoey halls, so I used a track from a fairy in Maine that was just a few minutes of hallway noise.  I added a creaky tree house that was being blown about under heavy winds, then I recorded it over itself to produce a light natural reverb type effect.  I found some children laughing, and muted them down a bit to sound far off and ghostly.  Finally, we needed the storm.  A REAL storm, very intense, and recorded outside.  This to me is the main track, so it’s the loudest.  Did you hear the monster growling in the background?  You weren’t supposed to, you hopefully felt it though.  I laid it very lightly over the other tracks starting around the 30 second mark, hopefully to trigger your subconscious fear.  In reality, it’s just me using vocal fry to growl my vowels, listen to it again “A, E, I, O, U.”

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