You’ve heard of the reapers scythe, now let’s talk about his arch.

I used the story Grim Reaper from this week’s offerings
I like this because it doesn’t quite fit into those curves. First, I have to decide who the main character is. I think William Shatner is. He starts above average because he has an apartment in the city, he is successful, and he has a plan to gain some wealth and fortune. His plan gets a bit unsettled when he meets the new husband, but it certainly hasn’t dipped below average yet. I would say it goes back up when his plan starts to succeed, and he manages to kill his Aunt and her husband. Then, starts to decline when he begins seeing visions. At the end, his story curve plummets as the picture fulfills its dark legacy.
If you look at the story as a whole (maybe that’s how Vonnegut meant it, but it seemed to me it was more character dependent). I would say everything starts above average, then goes down below as people die, then comes back up slightly when the murderer gets what’s coming to him. I would argue that it never returns above average, since a bunch of people died. I think this arch more closely resembles one of Vonnegut’s, though it doesn’t finish as strong. In conclusion, I would say his arch can be loosely applied to horror. It certainly doesn’t encompass everything. But he does touch on the generic aspects of films that are mass produced for profits by major sources. Also, a bit on the stagnation of innovation in storytelling as a whole.

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