Throwing my cinematography hat into “The Ring”

The ring was filmed so that it had very little contrast by using a green filter. The movie always feels dreary, even during this seen where the girl’s bedroom should feel warm from the yellow lamp light and cozy like a bedroom.

This shot has a very nice symmetry to it. The balance of the one girl sitting on the floor and the one girl laying on the bed really evens the shot out well. I don’t think it would have had the same visual impact had they both been on the floor.


I like the use of the background in this shot. The girl on the phone is the one talking, and thus should be the focus. However, the girl in the background turns out to be where the shot is leading you.

The way the chair is lit in this scene makes it cast a long ominous shadow. It takes it from being an ordinary bleh shot, to making you feel like the chair is menacing.

I like the use of first person perspective in this shot while the main character waits on the balcony for her ex to finish watching the video. She sees all these people just going on about their normal lives while she endures this horrible situation. It feels very isolating. Also, did you notice every apartment has their TV on?


I like the depth of this shot, because it offers a lot of visual exposition for the story. The main character’s reflection on the TV frames her as being trapped inside of it, probably much the same way the little girl felt trapped inside it because she had no other solace. It shows that the little girl probably saw herself in a very similar way to this image, which is why probably why the video tape looks the way it does.



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