The Stickiest of Bumper Messages

Bumper Sticker

So it’s Thursday, and my group hasn’t managed to set up a meeting yet to come up with a name or an idea.  This is a problem, because I work Friday, so I have to do all of my homework this morning.  I’m not happy with my bumper sticker, it’s extremely generic, but I didn’t know what else to do.  I just don’t have any other time I can do it.  All that being said, It’s not a bad bumper sticker in a general sense.  Big readable font, gets the point across.  I wish I had a theme to work around, or a show name to plug, but maybe I can go back and add those in later.  Basically the only thing I know about the radio show is that it features my host character Spooksy, so I used that.  I like the font I used for “Starring Spooksy” because it gives me some contrast and a little fun without being difficult to read.

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