The Spooksy man cometh.


Spooksy is a fat bearded old man, who wears a black hood, and thinks he’s the host of a horror T.V. show. He can often be heard on a quiet night, off in the distance, narrating something or another. Spooksy always talks about how horrible the war was, and how much he accomplished before it broke out, but as far as anyone can tell, spooksy has never even been in the military, let alone an area afflicted with conflict. Spooksy also constantly complains about how he lost his right hand in the war, and makes references to phantom pains, and loss of independence due to the injury. However, when spooksy forgets about his supposed injury, he can often be seen using his right hand to full affect.
Spooksy has a high raspy voice, and can be a bit on the eccentric side when speaking. Think of a combination between David Lee Roth and John Waters. While Spooksy’s commentary is often light and playful, sometimes he can go a bit off the handle, forgetting where he is, possibly harming himself, or any other number of unsettling things.

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