The First Week of Our New Show!

I have nothing.  I am, in fact, in a group, we have exchanged E-mails, but we haven’t met at all.  I tried to take online classes because I have a very demanding and dynamic work schedule and it’s hard for me to find specific chunks of time to dedicate to other projects, so the idea of a group project worried me.  I was pro-active, and suggested a google hangout to my group so we could hash out a lot of the basic stuff quickly and have some movement on the show, but only 1 of my 3 other group mates agreed to it, so it didn’t happen.  I have to work tomorrow, so I have to get this homework done today, but I really don’t have any movement on the project to discuss.  Hopefully my group will find some time to come together and we can get moving.  I’m worried…

4 thoughts on “The First Week of Our New Show!”

  1. Yikes! I hope things get better for you! Things usually tend to work themselves out in the end.. If push comes to shove, you could just pick an idea for your group and do it your way, if they are not willing to cooperate. Don’t let your grade suffer because others were slacking. Good Luck!

  2. Dont get this to get in your way, I think if they do not want to work with you, you can always make something by yourself and explain the situation to the professor. If not you can always ask around to see if anyone is willing to get you into their groups

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