Sounding off on comics


I chose this page because every cell could be brought to life with a bit of sound.  I work in health care, so I know what a stethoscope sounds like when you’re listening to someone’s lung sounds, and I think it would have been engaging and a bit creepy to listen to (it’s like a hollow whooshing with a lot of white noise).  The second cell could have had the sounds of the phone, which would have helped portray the prank call.  The third cell should have been filled with the laughter that made the mans sides hurt.  The fourth cell could have had the sound of the blood pressure cuff inflating (crisp, sharp bursts of air, psst, psst, psst). The fifth the man chuckling while the air hisses out of the cuff as it deflates.  And the final the sounds of children playing and the train coming.  This would have been a great episode to perform on the radio, I would have loved to do some sound effects for it.

2 thoughts on “Sounding off on comics”

  1. I liked your ideas for the sound effects to add to this page but am wondering if you wanted to introduce any background music or not. I would probably not have background music while they are in the doctor’s office but maybe add something jovial to the prank call and when the kids are playing to let the listener know that the setting of the story has changed. I like your ideas and keep up the good work!

  2. My gut instinct is to leave the Doctor’s office quiet, because you want to give that sterile isolated feel. I think if you were to see this on T.V. they would probably have added music in to fill the dead space. Personally, I don’t like that, it seems too overproduced and a bit cookie cutter, but I can see how music would add something on screen. I think having the silence creates more of the atmosphere I prefer though.

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