Kuuu Cheee Kuuu Cheee Kuuu Cheee (Audio Reflection)

Audio is an integral part of video and film, without which the mediums wouldn’t work. You need the audio paired with the video to give you the engrossing experience that elicits the emotions, creates the escapism, and lets you experience a good movie or video. Think back to silent pictures, they had to interrupt the story for written narration to advance the plot. It was jarring and cumbersome.
A more recent example is video games, who within the past 10-15 years began to have full audio narration and sound. Before that you had to read text on the bottom of the screen, it held the plot up, took forever, and in the end just felt like reading a book (I love books, but if I’m going to read a book, I want to read a book). You can see great examples of the growing pains this genre had moving from text to audio dialog, like this clip from the horror game resident evil:

It turns a tense and scary game into a comical farce. That’s the power of audio. Here’s a scene from Outlast, a more recent gam with great audio, where the main character has to hide in a closet from a mental patient:

Think about Jason Vorhees, the main character in Friday the 13th. What’s the first thing you remember? It’s probably the iconic sound of his breathing, which has become synonymous with his character, because it adds to the horror that you can hear him coming:

Again, think of the first thing that comes to mind when I mention this Character… Darth. Vader:

Darth Vader’s breathing is a good example of how sound can be used to add depth to a character. In the Star Wars lore, Vader is tortured by the sound of his own breathing, unable to sleep most nights due to the sound. Every time you hear it you feel this sense of impending doom, you know exactly what’s coming. You can feel the torture he lives with constantly because it’s always right there in your face whenever he is around. It takes him from being just a man in a suit, to a deep and pained character wearing his coffin.

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